Thursday, July 5, 2012

Guild Wars 2 dorks need to chill

People keep saying that GW 2 is the second coming of Christ for MMO's but I've yet to see the evidence substantiating this. 

All I have to go on are videos and while some of the ideas presented are interesting (as in, "gee, this is something that obviously should have been implemented into MMOs a long fucking time ago"), it still mostly looks like standard MMORPG. 

Guild Wars 2 has been so played up by PVP dorks I cant wait to see it fall on its face.

Its not even all that revolutionary.

Bunch of morons. Its like the Torchlight 2 fans.
And if it's anything like the first game, I know I'll get bored pretty quickly. I thought the first Guild Wars was a horrible game.

"it encourages people to work together"

Well there is a novel fucking idea. You mean like...EVERQUEST BACK IN 19 FUCKING 99 before 2004 and MMO's got ruined by WoW?

Is that what you mean? WHOA HOW NOVEL. Suddenly RETRO will be cool the only problem is the real RETRO players aren't playing MMO's anymore and now we have a whole new generation of WoW Hand Fed babyasses telling us Vets how revolutionary these new games will be. This is why it pays not to get old people. Just take my advice.