Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Arkham Horror FAIL: two chances to save the world blown

Hiyo kiddies!

Well another board gaming night has come and gone (next one is Saturday) and this week it was back to the ole Wandering Dragon store in Plainfield IL for some Arkham Horror with my buddy Crabby Old Gamer.

The store had some hardcore gamers in it last night playing stuff right up my alley like Abaddon and the demo copy of Descent 2.0 but I had to focus. Gates needed to be closed and the world saved.

Last night the first investigator I picked was Dexter Drake. I figured with my teammate going with 

Monterey Jack that we would need some sort of magical attacks thrown into the mix giving the issues I had with Monterey in my first full game.

The first turn saw the spawning of a Dark Young and this is a mighty nasty creature.

Figuring it was the first turn and I was all full health and loaded with magic items I went right after him. I wanted to be more aggressive this game.

I lost my combat and was killed outright in turn one. So much for being bold. This set us back quite a bit and we spent the next few turns trying to rally as I had to race across the board and get more items and my abilities back up to speed. Then we drew the card that did us in. An event card that stayed in play called The Terrible Experiment

This card had a fail condition of: "If there are 8 monsters on this card, return it to the box. Raise the terror level to 10 and place the monsters that were on it in play in the Miskatonic U. streets."
Needless to say with my going out in the first turn and this card in the second we were never able to reduce the monsters on the card. It hit 8, the terror level spiked and we were overrun.

40 minutes was all it took for the game to beat us down. Ok game two anyone?

In game two last night I went with Joe Diamond and my buddy went with Jenny Barnes. This game started MUCH better but near the end a gate opening on a 3 clue spot took what tokens we needed to get the 6th Elder Sign on the board and win. Coupled with Jenny Barnes getting lost in time and space and losing half her clue tokens we just did not have enough clues to keep up. We were not able to close the gates we needed and the DOOM track told us that this race against time was over. Still we were so very close. Between us we killed a score of monsters and closed over 5 gates but bad luck got us ONCE MORE.

Still great fun and the Wandering Dragon was once again an awesome venue to play games in.

Saturday it will be Runebound and more Arkham Horror. Eventually we have to win something Co-Op.