Monday, May 21, 2012

First game of Infinity

I wouldn't say it was a "game" more of a demo to test the rules. I have to say I really liked it.

At first the most confusing thing about the game to me was life after a "Codex". As in your armies lists and stats are including WITH the game and quite short. This is a game about skills of individual models. Therefore the entire makeup of your army is reliant on range of weapons and having a crack squad that works well together. If you make a list with nothing but pistols and shotguns you better hope there is a lot of terrain to get in close.

Army lists revolve around 100-250 points or so and making sure you have at least one Lieutenant. From there you piece out individual models and must take into account hackers, medics, anti tank weapons, close combat specialists, paradroppers, snipers and more.

Once you get that idea the rules are actually quite simple. The best way to play the game is to use the basic quick start rules (provided either by Corvus Belli or Beasts of War) and then as you go simply read up in the rulebook on the skill you are trying to use and apply it.

The game has morale, close combat and all that but it is done much more smoothly and effortlessly  than Warhammer 40k thus its enjoyable. Basically if you have to make and succeed at an armor check you need to make a GUTS test or stop and look for cover.

A VERY detailed comparison of what other game players can expect when switching to Infinity can be found here:

I experimented with long range and short range weapons, orders, close combat and different morale rules.

I will post more later once I get some games in this weekend.

By the way the fluff for this game is awesome as is the quality of the rulebook. Just remember to focus on learning only the skills your models have or you WILL get overwhelmed.

If you have a mobile device I highly recommend keeping a link to the Infinity Wiki on it. Below is a direct link to all the special skills and you will see what I mean when I say there are MANY possibilities in this game: