Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BattleNet woes but Tera fun

BattleNet was pissing me off all night so I logged out and gave Diablo 3 a break for the first night.

Instead I logged into Tera and surprisingly the game is growing on me. Tera as a pay to play MMO probably won't survive (just too much competition in a saturated market) and eventually go F2P but the game's combat (all action oriented) makes it as close to a online Skyrim as you can get. At least fighting wise. Very positional and target oriented. Don't aim when you fight? You miss. Tanks can have people get behind them to absorb damage etc etc.

I am still stuck on the rather tame noobie Island of Dawn but that is fine for now while I learn the ropes. I don't fall asleep while I play it and that is all that matters.

Also game keeps me logging in and that says something. Much different than the flop that Star Wars the Old Republic turned out to be. Currently leveling a priest but also dabbling with a warrior.