Friday, May 4, 2012

Adepticon comes and goes, vendors get worse

Adepticon not as much fun this year. While the 40k room is an awesome spectacle each year round basers take up more and more room and the vendor space shrinks to less and less. This time the grand ballroom vendors were down to one tiny lane packed with the usual garbage and nothing that spectacular. Meanwhile in the hallway leading to the Warhammer Fantasy rooms were scattered some lame vendors with a few tables hocking wares I could care less about.

Gone were the massive modeling displays, the unique setups by the vendors, the larger proportion of game demonstrations and an easily viewable display of the painting competition. Instead what we get is more bumping into the backpack of 300 pound lard asses as they shove their blue Space Marines into Land Raiders. Great.

Grand total time spent at Adepticon (and I live right down the road from it): 3 hours of boredom.

While it is no GenCon it is the coolest miniatures event for sure but it really is starting to get too big for its britches. Soon that dinky Westin Hotel will not be able to accommodate that event. It is also bad enough this year that games like Blood Bowl got relegated to the 16th floor while shitbag games like Warmachine got their own room. Also the other specialist games room was boring and uneventful. I saw a handful of people playing them and even worse Lord of the Rings, the room that houses the armpit of the miniature gaming world, was dead as a doornail. Put that shit on the 16th floor and give Blood Bowlers back their room. No one fucking plays Lord of the Rings anyway.

Well thats my wrap up! Full pictures of the coolest Warhammer Fantasy armies can be seen here: