Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rift: still a letdown

Trion gave me three free days for adding security to my Rift account.

I wanted to see how much had changed. The game didn't click with me at all. Didn't like the character models, the universe, the weird races and the classes were a little odd. It has a nice set of features but then again so does EQ2, which I would rather play. Rift just seemed very bland and boring. The combat was a mess of button spamming, everyone in the group could do everything, and the mechanics were odd.

I busted out my 34 paladin tank (a justicar) and just Q'd up for an LFG. At least it has that unlike some million dollar MMO's that we shall not name (SWTOR). I had no memory what my skills did or my buttons. I got into a group and mashed things and tanked all of Foul Cascade. The game is way too easy and simple.

Got to the end boss and guess what? BUGGED. Couldnt finish the instance. There was a ton of lag, a bugged boss and overall the game is just not as polished as World of Warcraft. Oh and the combat is super fucking boring.

Rift tries to be too many things at once instead of its own thing. In the end if I wanted to play a WoW clone in a bland fantasy world and re level characters that did the same shit I would....JUST PLAY WOW again. Which is what I am doing. Go figure. 

The last two days of my free time will more than likely rot in hell.

By the way the first twenty levels are free to play now.