Friday, February 3, 2012

Diablo 3 beta and Blizzard has me for a year

For the first time ever I got into a Blizzard beta. Diablo 3 this time around. I was as shocked as anyone I got the invite. I quickly downloaded the client and gave it a spin. On my work machine the game runs like a dream. At home there is a animation skip and lag issue that may or may not be caused by the on board sound card. My work machine is far shittier that my home gaming rig so this would be a surprise.

The animation and the effects lag out every time I make an attack making the game almost unplayable. This figures. I get in and it sucks ass.

I am able to play at work ok, but of course I cannot turn it up and truly enjoy it. So far the game controls a lot like Titan Quest more than the Diablo of old. I won't lie in saying I miss the 2D art but hey its a new era and 3D rules all. I will go home tonight and give the sound adjustment a shot. From what I have been playing on my work rig I was hooked into the game pretty fast. It is typical Diablo and the game does not stray from that formula.

I wanted a free copy of the game and knew that with Mists Of Pandaria coming out I would not be cancelling WoW anytime soon so I did the one year buy in on my account and my girlfriend's thus assuring we BOTH get free copies of Diablo 3 and MoP beta invites.

Lets face it. With how shitty SWTOR turned out to be and utter lack of caring for the Asian PVP sensation Guild Wars 2 WoW is still the only MMO on the market that gets things right. So might as well take advantage of this deal now and get a free game like Diablo 3 in the mix.