Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Have not logged in yet ...

...but I noticed the mature language filter bug was fixed. Finally. Man I did not realize how much I swore in WoW until that bugged popped up. I figured it had to be a bug because when I came back I was 100% positive that was the first feature I turned off other than "Show Helm" and "Auto Loot".

So my plans tonight and the rest of the week are to alternate playing my now 32 holy priest and my now 81 protection paladin which I am refitting back to a state of non suckiness. When I quit WoW over a year ago I decided just before that to focus on 3 characters and I could not stand my paladin. I hated the mechanics and stripped him bare, sold all his purples for gold and send the money to my priest. Well when Cata hit and paladins got changed to holy power mechanic I decided that this character would be the one I wanted to tank with.

Only problem was he was naked as a jaybird (minus the items the vendors would not take) so I had to outfit this level 80 pally with AH greens and go about getting new gear. Now at level 81 I am safely back to tanking Lich King heroics and about to move into Cata territory. All of 80 to 81 was spent practicing the new paladin mechanics in dungeons and getting used to things again. I will let everyone know how it turns out this week.

I hope to record episode one of the Two Angry Gamers podcast tomorrow and it will be a full on destruction of Star Wars the Old Republic and why we think it is over hyped garbage.